Main Contact: Vera Rebl
Dance-performances for young audiences

Ensemble proArte
Main Contact: Florian Jung
Inclusive theatre workshops for both disabled and non disabled participants

Main Contact: Sabine Pfeiffer
Inclusive theatre for both disabled and non disabled participants

idance company
Main Contact: Beata Vavken
A dance company for dancers with learning disabilities

Main Contact: Mag. Dr. Michael Wrentschur
A theatre working with disabled people

Kraud & Ruam Theater
CEO: Mag. Josef Leitner
Inclusive experimental theatre work
kuk-theater (Kunst und Kultur)
Management: Mag. Jürgen Heib
Theatre working with performers with and without mental health issues

Kultur- & Bildungsverein “Ich bin O.K.”
Chair: Hana Zanin
Dance for disabled and non-disabled performers

Mario Mattiazzo
A dance and theatre company with deaf performers
Theater Malaria
Management: Iris Hanousek-Mader</b
Theatre for performers with mental health issues

Zirkus Nö
Main Contact: Tageseinrichtung Zwettl
Circus arts for disabled performers


Access all Areas
Artistic Director :Nick Llewellyn
Access all Areas is a theatre company for people with learning disabilities based in Hackney, London.
As well as mounting professional touring productions through our performance company, we run a range of exciting and innovative projects.

Artistic Director – Christopher Davies
Bamboozle uses a team approach to explore a magic, multi-sensory mix of theatre, music, design, puppetry, visual arts and problem solving. The company strives to understand how students with learning disabilities access ideas and engage with theatre experiences.

Blink Dance Theatre
Co-Director: Kat Gill
Blink Dance Theatre are a UK based dance theatre company dedicated to producing inclusive and exciting creative projects. We devise innovative inter-disciplinary performance that reach diverse audiences, we lead creative participatory projects in schools, youth and community settings and we provide training in inclusive arts practice.

Corali Company
Artistic Director – Sarah Archdeacon
Coralie is a performance company that creates and tours original performance work mostly in london. Corali makes work in collaboration with performers, dancers and artists that have learning disabilities and those that do not. Corali has a core company of artists and it also runs education and outreach work.

Dark Horse Theatre
Artistic Director: Vanessa Brooks
Full Body & the Voice is a successful producing theatre company with a ten year track record in high quality touring productions and co-productions, which reach a broad audience.
Our core company of professional learning disabled actors have worked in film, television and theatre at every level. The company works with leading companies, actors, writers and directors and is inclusive in all aspects of it’s work.

Dragon Breath Theatre
Artistic Director: Nettie Scriven/Peter Rumney
Dragon Breath are currently researching / developing interactive and immersive performance environments for work with autistic teenagers.

English Touring Opera
Artistic Director: Tim Yealland
Lots of experience in performing to audiences with special needs.Described as collaborating with special schools. Sensory approach to stories from opera performed with minimal set but maximum vocal/dramatic impact.

Epic Arts
Contact person: Laura Evans
Epic Arts is an international, inclusive arts NGO, working in Cambodia, the UK and China. Epic Arts Cambodia is committed to educating and empowering Cambodian people to see ability, not disability. We use the arts to work with people who have disabilities and those that do not, to promote the message that every person counts.

Artistic Director: Maria Oshodi
Extant is the opposite of extinct. Formed in 1997 Extant was the inspired name chosen by a group of professional visually impaired artists, for the emergence of a new dynamic space, intended to redress our invisibility as artists and explore new creative territories.

Face Front
Artistic Director: Annie Smol
Face Front is a company of disabled and non-disabled artists who create multi-layered theatre which is accessible to all.
Face Front’s work in Education includes issue based touring theatre, arts projects and theatre skills working with young people and adults.

Frozen Light
Artistic Directors: Lucy Garland and Amber Onat Gregory
Frozen Light create multi-sensory theatre for audiences with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities that tours theatre venues nationally and internationally.

Artistic Director: Jenny Sealy
Graeae is a disabled-led theatre company that profiles the skills of actors, writers and directors with physical and sensory impairments. The artistic approach creates aesthetically accessible productions that include a disabled and non-disabled audience.

Greenfingers Productions
Artistic Director: Liz Waugh
Greenfingers creates interactive sensory theatre shows designed to be enjoyed by people with complex needs (learning disabilities, sensory or physical impairments or autism).

Head 2 Head
Artistic Director – Sara Cole
Formed in April 2006, Head2Head offers inclusive and accessible theatre-in-education through:- Curriculum and issue-based shows + workshops and sensory based workshops.

Half Moon Young People’s Theatre
Director: Chris Elwell
Half Moon Young People’s Theatre offers young audiences a unique theatrical experience celebrating and exploring difference, informing emerging opinions about disability at an early age.

Artistic Director – Steve Byrne
Interplay works across all artforms – theatre, film, music, visual arts, radio, literature – using the arts as a vehicle to help people re-engage with their local communities and in turn develop new skills and self-esteem.
The company particularly engages with young people who experience economic, social and sensory

Artistic Director – Alex Evans
Kazzum create playful theatre and participatory arts activities for young people using art forms that reflect international influences. The work embraces the beliefs, emotions and creativity of its audiences.

Magpie Dance
Artistic Director: Avril Hitman
Magpie Dance is an inclusive contemporary dance company and has carved out a national reputation for its exciting and inspiring approach to inclusive and creative dance. Based in Bromley, at The Churchill Theatre, we are accessible to all surrounding boroughs and can deliver workshops to any region in the UK.

Mind The Gap
Artistic Director: Tim Wheeler
Mind the Gap is an experienced touring theatre company based in Bradford, Yorkshire, which performs around the UK and internationally. We are a professional theatre company that helps people with learning disabilities become professional actors, and helps actors with learning disabilities achieve their potential.

No Limits Theatre
Artistic Director: Janet Nettleton
Founded in 1995, No Limits Theatre is committed to socially inclusive projects that enable young people, disabled people and community groups to be involved in innovative theatre projects. With regional and national touring at the heart of the Company’s work No Limits fuses drama, dance, design and music to produce theatre that aims to excite and challenge expectations.

Oily Cart
Artistic Director – Tim Webb
Challenging accepted definitions of theatre and audience, we create innovative, multi-sensory and highly interactive productions for the very young and for young people with profound and multiple learning disability or an autistic spectrum disorder.
By transforming everyday environments into colourful, tactile ‘wonderlands’ we invite our audience to join us in a world of the imagination.
The Orpheus Centre
The centre promotes transition into independent living; providing opportunities for young disabled adults to promote personal development through performing arts so they gain the skills to live independently in the community and to make informed choices about their futures.

Roundabout, Nottingham Playhouse
Artistic Director: Andrew Breakwell
History of creating specialist theatre work for audiences with disabilities. Long history of education embedded in practice. New writing focus.Involved in a collaborative PhD project with University of Nottingham looking at this field.

Spare Tyre
Artistic Director: Arti Prashar
Spare Tyre works intensively with people who have a wide range of disabilities such as dementia, autism, physical and sensory impairments, mental health, downs syndrome, seizures.

Seeing Beyond Theatre
Artistic Director: Lucy Garland
Seeing Beyond Theatre creates sensory performances for small PMLD audiences.

Artistic Director- Andy Reeves
Speakeasy is a Theatre in Education Company based on the Saffron Lane Estate in Leicester, providing workshops, performances and interventions across the Midlands.

Stopgap Dance Company
Artistic Director: Lucy Bennet 
Stopgap Dance Company create exhilarating dance productions for national and international touring. We employ disabled and non-disabled artists who find innovative ways to collaborate. Stopgap value a pioneering spirit and are committed to making discoveries about integrating disabled and non-disabled people through dance. Difference is our means and our method. Stopgap’s productions are devised by the company dancers and collaborators, working as an ensemble under the artistic direction of Lucy Bennett.

Unicorn Theatre
Access Manager: Kirsty Hoyle
The Unicorn is the UK’s leading professional theatre for young audiences, dedicated to inspiring and invigorating young people of all ages, perspectives and abilities, and empowering them to explore the world – on their own terms – through theatre.

Vital Xposure
Artistic Director: Julie McNamara
VITAL XPOSURE is a bold, dynamic new production company operating under the creative leadership of disabled artist Julie McNamara. Created in 2011 the company sets out to promote hidden voices with extraordinary stories to tell.

Wicked Fish
Creative Director – Di Christian  or   Development Director – Sue O’Brien
Wicked Fish is a Disabled led theatre and creative arts company based in Liverpool in 2003, whose performers have Learning Difficulties. We work as a team to create and deliver performances, workshops, heritage and training projects, in arts, community and education venues.  We devise all our own work and have developed our own accessible style of learning. We have worked with partners in Germany, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Spain and Portugal.


Artemiss Compagnie
Artistic Director: Philippe Le Coq
The company proposes to go and practice theatre where it very rarely goes; that means in the actual reception places for people with disabilities. Our mission is also to favour all mixed artistic projects (normal & disabled). So far more than 200 disabled children have performed in our shows.

Artistic Director: Olivier Schetrit
When the word meets the silence. Our aim from the beginning was to discover with the hearing impaired our tales. To achieve that we’re offering these tales in the way that they perceive the world, visually. At the same time we’re trying to get people acquainted with the language and culture of the deaf.

Les Lutins Malins
Artistic Director: Olivier Moreau
Theatre, Integration, Formation. Objectives: The organisation of drama classes, workshops, shows and cultural projects. The organisation of intersocial events. Writing and adaptation. The creation, production and promotion of artistic shows.

Danse ta Différence
President: Marei-Aline
The discovery and blooming of the person disabled or not, child or adult, through body language and with all the means of expression and with the desire of the acceptance of the difference and the integration for all. The pleasure of mastering a body often clumsy and in pain, expressing and sharing intense emotions, lightens up and comforts our action.

étantdonné dance company
Artistic direction : Frédérike Unger & Jérôme Ferron
Since 1998, étantdonné creates for all and young audiences, but also brings dance and creation to everyone, through transmission, workshops and outside performances. Let’s create a movement together..

La Drôle compagnie
Artistic Director: Didier Berjonneau/Perrine Trouslard
La Drôle compagnie creates shows but also play and festive events around disability and difference. The company works with various artists handicapped or not, strongly believing that difference is richness.  Apart from the creation the company promotes activities for raising attention around disability and difference.

Compaigne de l’Oiseau Mouche
Artistic Director: Stéphane Frimat


Theatre, music, photography, masks, painting and literature for every age with and without disabilities
BewegGrund stands for equal rights, self-determination, equal opportunities and integration. Our objective is self-evident togetherness of disabled and non-disabled people in cultural projects.

Compagnie Augenmusik
Director: Daniela Krabbe
The Compagnie Augenmusik is a freelance theater group which was established in 2013 in Frankfurt am Main by director Daniela Krabbe and light- and stage-designer Lukas Wegner. Our main priority lies on creating theater for deaf children, but not exclusively.

With different deaf and hearing actors we want to develop new kinds of performances and storytelling to enable access to theater for deaf children as well. We are giving priority especially to the seeing and feeling which are the mainly sensory experiences and ways of reception of deaf children.

We want to create music for the eyes – Augenmusik. What music is conjuring in a hearing body, we want to transfer in a visual way on stage and therefor in the hearts of the deaf children.

With various artistic forms we want to develop stories which are close to the everyday sensory and life experiences of the deaf children as well as revealing them a new and highly imaginative experience space.

Circus Sonnenstich
Main Contact: Anna-Katharina Andrees
Inclusive circus arts which developed from the theatre company Ramba Zamba
Die Blindgaenger
Main Contact: Kunigunde Thiess
A theatre group that consists of blind or visually impaired artists

Die Schattenspringer
Main Contact: Bertram Goldbach
A theatre group with disabled and non-disabled actors

DIN A 13 tanzcompany
Production manager: Gustavo Fijlakow
DIN A 13 tanzcompany is world wide one of the few dance companies with dancers with and without disabilities. Since its foundation by its Choreographer Gerda König in 1995, the DIN A 13 tanzcompany has added new aesthetic categories to the world of modern dance and dance theatre, challenging current visual habits in the world of contemporary dance.

Main Contact: Herbert Enge
A theatre group of disabled performers

hArt times
Main Contact: Frank Matzke
An inclusive theatre and band

Artistic director: Gisela Höhne
Founded in 1991 as a theatre and art studio for artists with learnings disabilities and others, RambaZamba is Germanys most important inclusive theatre according to newspaper “Mainzer Allgemeine”, showing around 100 performances a year in its own theatre at Kulturbrauerei Berlin and on tour.


Production International Coordinator: Maria Dragataki
THE.AM.A. was established in 2010 as a professional theater group for people with disabilities operating in Greece. It is a mixed, fully integrated group which aspires to establish the first Greek Higher School of Drama for people with all disabilities. It is registered in Greece as a not-for-profit organisation with the Ministry of Culture


Annita Capousizi (Anna Kapousizi)
ARTimeleia is a theater group based in Athens. Its primary aim is to explore the unlimited possibilities that physical limits offer in an integrated theatrical environment of disabled and non-disabled artists.


Teatro La Ribalta
Director of the Teatro la Ribalta: Antonio Viganò: 
Academy Art of Diversity- Teatro la Ribalta is a professional theatre group in which performers with and without physical and mental disabilities work as an ensemble. The actors give passionate expression to their artistic potential: they dance their individuality poetically and act with convincing credibility. The productions are energetic, touching, and evocative. Over years of collaboration, the Academy of Diversity, was created. This diversity includes culture, theater, dance, education, discussions, and artistic and social development. The mission is to counteract exclusion and to give all involved a professional and social identity.

Collaborations with other theatre groups on a national as well as an international level have been going on for many years. Well-known actors, artists, and choreographers participate in productions, education, and outreach.


Theatre Maatwerk
Artistic Director: Koert Dekker/ Maurice de Jong
Started in 1987 & produces theatre with actors with a learning disability. 90 seater theatre in Rotterdam


Replay Theatre Company
Artistic Director: Anna Newell


Teatr 21
Art Director: Justyna Sobczyk

Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute
Manager: Dorota Buchwald


CiM – Multidisciplinary Integrated Company
Artistic Director: Ana Rita Barata
Born in late 2007, CiM searches diversity and a constant enriching with experiences, being its multidisciplinary approach an impulse to find new methods and answers to creation and exploring, in search of letting go limitations and focus action on the best each one has to offer. CiM’s work has been presented through Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, U.S.A. and was attended by over 35.000 people in 4 years.


Blue Teapot Theatre Company
Artistic Director: Petal Pilley
Mission is to effect a positive change in public consciousness concerning people with disabilities through the medium of theatre by allowing our members inherent talent and creativity to speak for itself. Blue Teapot is a place where actors with intellectual disabilities in Ireland.

Artistic Director: Jim Culleton
Fishamble is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed company, dedicated to the discovery, development and production of new work for the Irish stage. Since 1988, the Company has produced numerous plays by first-time and established playwrights.
Arts & Disability Ireland
Executive Director: Padraig Naughton
We champion the creativity of artists with disabilities, promote inclusive experiences for audiences with disabilities and work to enhance the disability-related capacity of arts organisations. We work in partnership with the arts sector, and encourage the disability sector to do the same.


Birds of Paradise Theatre Company
Artistic Director: Robert Softley
Birds of Paradise is dedicated to promoting the work of disabled artists in partnership with non-disabled artists and mainstream theatre venues and companies. Equalities are at the heart of all company activity and cuts across all areas of our work.

Grid Iron Theatre
Artistic Director: Ben Harrison
Grid Iron are an Edinburgh-based theatre company who, following their incorporation in 1995 and their first show Clearance at the Traverse, Edinburgh, swiftly gained a reputation for creating high-quality, high profile shows. The Company went on to specialise in presenting shows in unusual locations.


ApsArt Centre for Theatre Research
Director and Founder: Aleksandra Jelić
ApsArt is using applied theatre and game based learning in work with different socialy marginalized groups as a tool for personal development and social engagement.

Grupa “Hajde da…”
In our work we are trying to connect persons with disability and contemporary dance professionals, so that persons with disabilities can develop themselves as artists. This collaboration is a chance to create something that will be a new quality itself. Till now 650 people attended our inclusive theater workshops, over 1,000 people saw the presentations of principles of inclusive theatre practice, we created two professional theater pieces and thousands of people saw the plays. Over 50 newspaper articles and television reports about the project appeared in the media.

Per. Art
Artistic Director: Saša Asentić
Since 1999, the „Art and Inclusion“ program of Per.Art organization gathers people with learning disabilities, artists (theatre, dance and visual arts), special educators, representatives of cultural institutions, architects and students.
The main aims of the „Art and Inclusion“ program are the production of artistic projects in which people with learning disabilities have active role as authors, co-authors and performers, and the promotion of their work on an equal basis within the local and international contemporary performing arts scene.
Our projects are based on the idea of art as practice which is defined by, but also defining the social context in which it appears.

ERGstatus Dance Theater
Artistic Director: Boris Caksiran
ERGstatus Dance Theatre was established in 1998, as an educational project of contemporary dance. Since then this project grew as an important independent organization in the field of contemporary dance in Serbia and in the region of South East Europe, which consists of seminars, workshops and artistic production of ERGstatus Dance Theater. ERGstatus also works as an integrated dance company with disabled and non-disabled dancers.


Paladio Arte
We are charity that works for the social and work integration of people with phisic, psiquic or sensorial disabilities via theatre.

Despertar de los Sentidos
Choreographer: Sarah Ramirez
Dance company that uses movement and corporal expression to practice both daily and artistic activities in favour of the personal wellbeing and the social integration.

Compania Danza Mobile
The company wants to integrate people with intellectual disabilities in the professional circuit.

Contando Hormigas
Artistic Director: Ignacio Calvache
Company formed by 6 blind actors. Principal objective is to integrate the disabled into society through the scenic arts.


Artistic Director: Kjell Stjernholm
Professional integrated theatre based upon actors with intellectual disabilities.
The Swedish national Touring Theatre Tyst teater
Artistic Director: Josette Bushell-Mingo
Riksteatern is an idea based cultural organization with over 40,000 dedicated members. Many of these members are active in one of Riksteatern’s local non-profit theatre associations, working to make drama, dance and performing arts available to all people, all over Sweden.


Main Contact: Susanne Schneider
BewegGrund is an inclusive dance organisation from Switzerland which was founded in 1998.
Management: Peter Wenk
Comedyexpress is an inclusive theatre company from Switzerland which was founded in 2003

look&roll, int. Kurzfilmfestival zum Thema Behinderung
Management: Gerhard Protschka
A short film festival with a focus on disability. The festival is organised every two years.

Theater HORA – Züriwerk
main Contact: Giancarlo Marinucci
A theatre company working with performers with mental health issues


Executive Director: Clare Williams
Hijinx is a professional theatre company, based at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, which tours small scale theatre throughout the UK and Europe.
Hijinx’s work is distinctive because its casts always include actors who have learning disabilities. The ability of these effortlessly talented performers is at the heart of every show the company produces, creating work that is utterly absorbing, surprising and provocative.
Hijinx pioneers this inclusive theatre because it makes much of the skills and raw talent of people who often get overlooked in today’s world and gives them a platform to make and perform stunning theatre alongside actors who don’t have disabilities.

The Touch Trust
Artistic Director: Dilys Price
Touch Trust is a pioneering charity that offers unique creative movement programmes for individuals with learning disabilities, those affected by autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), complex needs, behaviour which challenges, and other vulnerable groups in the community.

Taking Flight Theatre Company
Artistic Director: Elise Davison
Our aim with this company is to work with groups of people who have traditionally been under-represented in theatre, film and television.Most of our courses include a performance element however this is not always a necessity as we believe the process is as important as the end product.