IIAN is part of the global ASSITEJ network

ASSITEJ countries should not leave out any children, especially disabled children,  when it comes to creating a portfolio of national work. There must be some opportunities for them to be able to access theatre, and witness people like themselves, creating theatre.

If you’re country is creating little or no work that can include them, or is not encouraging individuals to work for them, then please join the debate in order to change the scene. Let’s all help each other.

All children matter.

Who can be in a ASSITEJ IIAN Champions group and who is the lead Champion?

Because we are still finding out about IIAN, what we can do and how we are run, – I think it’s fair to say we are very open to all ideas and don’t want to make too many rules at this point.

It’s down to each ASSITEJ National Centre how they choose their own Champions who will share information between themselves, and then how they choose their lead Disability Champion/s  to pass on information to IIAN. That is all we ask.

As to who is involved, it’s very important to have Disabled artists leading the debate, but the individual artists and companies who dedicate their working lives to creating work with Disabled artists and for Disabled children are equally important in collecting ideas and experience.

Why not aim to have leads from each group?

The job

We ask that you contribute whatever time you can, in order to pass on news (good and bad) from your country, ideally every four months – in order for us to build a world picture and share on our website.

We are all busy and we don’t want huge documents.

Information could be in the form of bullet points with relevant web sites, or short work videos. Were also interested in articles, and research papers, and items to be put forward for the ASSITEJ newsletter.

We would welcome information in English if possible.

Again, how you collect the information is down to you, but we are all volunteers and we have no money to offer, especially being a world network.

Please understand, the position is a voluntary one and there are no fees involved.

Should you wish to attend ASSITEJ festivals or create events in your own country, we ask you to look into grants and awards and find your own funding.

If you would like to be an ASSITEJ IIAN Champion then please contact your National Centre directly. List of National Centre’s can be found here

Our current IIAN Champions are:

ASSITEJ Member Country Name/s of Champion:
COTE d’IVOIRE Ba Gueanena Enoc Anicet
CANADA Aimee Bouchard
CUBA Milagros Reyes Trujillo y Eduardo López González.
DENMARK Lars Werner Thomsen
FINLAND Katariina Metsalampi
ENGLAND Debbie Bandara 
GERMANY Meike Fechner
LATVIA Varis Klausitajs
LITHUANIA Deimante Varnaityte
MEXICO Eduardo Dominguez
NIGERIA Pamela Udoka
NORTHERN IRELAND   Andrew Stanford
SERBIA Olivera Kovacevic Crnjanski
SOUTH AFRICA Christelle Dreyer
SOUTH AFRICA Jayne Batzofin
URUGUAY Myriam Caprile
USA Fran Sillau
WALES  Jon Dafydd-Kidd
ZAMBIA Brian Kambenja
ZAMBIA Dr. Cheela Chilala