Theatre for Changes NGO
Founder: Hayk Sekoyan
The leading interactive theatre company in Armenia working with/for young people and schoolchildren. Dedicated to the promotion of inclusive education in Armenia and the rights of children with disabilities.


Arts with the Disabled Association
Executive Director: Janet Tam
Shanghai Children’s Art Theatre
Although there are relevant foreign practice and experience for children with special needs many years, it is still nearly blank in China. At this time, we hope to provide the best environment and content to children with special needs and their families and provide the possibility of another kind of happiness for them. We also hope that through our efforts the public and children with special needs and families will get to know each other and further get along with each other in public space, starting with our venue


Simorgh Theater Company / Mohammad Boroumand
Maryam Khoshdel
Simorgh Theater Company was established in 1995 by Mohammad Boroumand. Since then we have produced many plays, animations, books, documentary films mostly for children and adolescents


Kenjiro Otani
Main Contact : Kenjiro Otani
Founded in 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. The company aims to be a theatre group with diversity performing non-verbal theatre, physical theatre, theatre for children, and theatre for all ages, not only in Japan but world wide. It also facilitates a wide range of theatre workshops inclusively with children and adults with different abilities. The company is associated with NPO Kawasaki Arts.


Al-Harah Theater
General Director: Marina Barham
Al-Harah Believe that theater can change the lives of those who make it and those who watch it, Al-Harah Theater holds drama trainings for groups of special education teachers, rehabilitation workers and social workers to use drama with clients with different physical and mental disabilities and encourage the incorporation of theatre education into Palestinian curricula. It also organizes theater trainings for children and young people, playwriting and script writing workshops, and produces performances with which it tours to reach audiences in different villages and refugee camps.


Network of Music and Arts by People with Disabilities
Chairman: Sawang Srisom